Hi! We’re Riley and Stella of EAT IT UP Vintage! We’re a couple based in Philadelphia with roots in NYC and Seattle, here to change up the online vintage game.

Inspired by our mutual love for vintage clothing, as well a respect for the planet, we’re launching EAT IT UP both with the intention of bringing you the coolest clothes of the past decade, while doing our part in not contributing to clothing waste.

We specialize in 1940’s through 1970’s clothing, but look hard and you’ll fine some earlier and later pieces too. We add clothing regularly, so if you don’t see anything for you today, we may have just what you’ve been looking for tomorrow!

We think buying vintage online is a bit gritty, and we’re tired of clicking through blurry images on Ebay or poorly designed websites to find great items. With EAT IT UP, we bring you a streamlined way to shop cool shit from the past, without it feeling like a time consuming treasure hunt or a guessing game.

Right now we’re a two person operation with Riley sourcing our pieces and crunching the numbers, and Stella creative directing and covering quality control. Together, we hope to change the world of vintage shopping, and turn the world on– to recycling, that is!

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