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What is vintage clothing?


Why don’t you carry any 90’s or 2000’s vintage?


I want to shop for clothing by era. Is there a way to do this?


Where do you source your clothing?


Why buy vintage when I can get new clothing for the same price or less?


What sizes do you carry?


What payment method do you use?


What shipping method do you use, and do you ship worldwide?


Do you accept returns or exchanges?


I found an imperfection on the clothing I ordered, why is this?

Vintage clothing typically refers to clothing made or manufactured between 1920 and 1980. Clothing made before 1920 is generally referred to as antique, due to the scarcity of the items and how delicate the pieces are that are still in circulation today. What’s interesting is vintage has typically been thought of as clothing 20 years and older in age, which is why we are seeing so much 1990’s “vintage” in circulation right now. The rules for vintage were defined several decades ago, but by today’s standards, the 1920’s is 100 years in the past making it rarer to find and harder to wear.


While it’s true that vintage is typically defined by clothing and accessories dated 20 years and older, we think the real charm of most vintage clothing is the quality. By the 1990s, the majority of US clothing production had moved overseas, and the quality of mass manufactured pieces had done down significantly in terms of everything from fabric choice to details. Though clothing quality had been on a decline since as early as the late sixties, we still love the charm and iconic cuts of items manufactured as late as the mid 1980’s. Lastly, we find it’s very easy to obtain clothing from 20 to 30 years ago at most second hand stores, so we’d prefer to leave it to them.


Yes! Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the home page, and type in the decade you want. We assigned each of our items to a zero-number decade (aka 1940, 1950, 1960, etc.) If you’re looking for clothing from the 1970’s for instance, simply type “1970” into the search bar to locate anything in our inventory from that decade.


We scour everywhere from estate sales to closet clean outs for pieces we love, and hope you’ll love too. If we’re not excited about it, we won’t sell it. Each item is examined for flaws, cleaned or spot treated, and repaired when needed so it arrives fresh to you.


The first reason is environmental. Right now fashion production is the second most hazardous industry to the environment second only to oil. Our need for new clothing, fast, and at low prices is taking a toll on our natural resources, our waste management, and also on the real living human beings that make our clothing with their hands. Recycling clothing by wearing vintage and second hand is an easy way to have a great impact on the future of our planet. Buying vintage is simply, responsible! Secondly, more often than not, the quality of vintage clothing exceeds that of everyday clothing today. It’s common that a vintage dress or suit will feature tailoring and details only present today in designer clothing. We keep our good vintage at a lower price point– one that’s competitive with superstores like Topshop, Zara, or J. Crew, so you can pay the price you’re used to, but in return, get something of higher quality that no-one else has.


We are proud to carry sizes XS up to 4XL, and we do our best to source items of all different sizes to reflect this. We add pieces to the website in batches so not all sizes will be available all of the time. However, we add items frequently which means we may have something great in your perfect size as soon as next week! You can find out more on how to find your EAT IT UP size HERE.


Right now, we only accept PayPal. We’ve found it to be the safest and easiest way for us to process your order and for you to shop.


We ship via USPS, and offer express shipping by request. We ship currently to a select list of countries. To view the list, and find out everything else you ever wanted to know about shipping, click HERE.


At this time, we do not accept returns or exchanges meaning all sales are final. However, in the unlikely chance that your order arrives to you damaged, please email us at, and we’ll try our best to help solve the issue.


Vintage clothing is still, in most cases, used clothing. It’s been worn, in some cases torn, and has a lot of past lives. Often, the clothing you order may be older than you! We list any and all imperfections such as marks, permanent stains, and small holes in the item descriptions so please read carefully before purchasing. And remember that vintage clothing should be treasured for it’s marks of wear. These, like our scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks, are just part of the legacy of the unique pieces we carry.